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AMP 2023 dinner

AMP 2023 dinnerRelease Time:2024-02-01

AMP 2023 dinnerArticle Source:AMP

AMP 2023 dinner

In the spring and autumn, the years have been rotating for another year, pushing forward, and setting sail again. On January 25, 2024, we will jointly remember the hard work and selfless dedication of the past years with a brilliant annual gala party, standing at a new 2024 starting point, with a vision, and jointly open the prelude to the New Year.

The annual meeting scene is wonderful, fragments are vividly remembered, let us treasure every wonderful, together with the aftertaste, common memory. The scene is warmly decorated, permeated with the joy of the festival, colorful balloons dotted among them, every corner is filled with a strong festive atmosphere, creating a warm and cheerful atmosphere for the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, we started with a warm and touching warm-up video, leading everyone to look back on the 2023 year full of challenges and gains. This video not only embodies our shared memories, but also shows our extraordinary journey, making us feel the strength and warmth of the team once again.

This year's annual meeting, under the wonderful guidance of two handsome men and beautiful women, the whole venue was permeated with a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Not only their appearance level online, but also with excellent hosting ability, the development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of employees for the entire annual meeting. Each position is the cornerstone of the company's high-quality development.


We are grateful to recognize our outstanding employees for 2023. Since ancient times, there is no shortcut to success, tempered into steel, they are diligent, strive to upstream, even in ordinary posts, but also always regard work as the pursuit of excellence as the goal. They proved to us by their practical actions that gold always shines wherever it is. The departments are also infused with infinite charm and energy. Under their clever connection, every moment of the annual meeting is full of surprises and joy. Various departments have carefully prepared a variety of wonderful programs. Through singing, dancing, recitation and other performance methods, it brought a visual and auditory feast for every partner present, and also showed the hidden diverse talents of AMP people.

As the centrepiece of the annual meeting - the lottery link can always make people excited. Each one holds endless surprises. There are plenty of awards to cheer and scream about. These carefully designed lottery links will again and again to the dinner to the climax of joy, and the surprise is to let the small partners at the scene ecstatic, as if in the ocean of luck. We sincerely hope that this koi like luck can continue to accompany the partners of AMP, continue to be blessed by the God of luck in 2024, and create a better future!


With laughter and blessings, excitement and gratitude, we ushered in the successful conclusion of the annual meeting in a warm atmosphere. Thousands of mountains have passed, the future can be seen, say goodbye to the fruitful 2023, and enter the hopeful 2024. Let us continue to fight side by side and embrace a brighter tomorrow with full enthusiasm and unremitting efforts.
In this year of hope and vision, let us start a new journey hand in hand with the laughter and full of blessings at the party. I wish you all happiness and good luck in the New Year! Wish the company in the New Year evergreen, all the way!