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Team Work

AMP has technology center,  as well as the factories which are capability of tooling design and developement, stamping and overmolding, part assembly and plating.  AMP also involves in vertical & horizontal business to provide customer with one-stop services. We have the advantages of:


Experienced Chinese and foreign experts in Tech. center to support on technology innovation;


Focus on componets of automotive security system;


Specialized project management team, strict Poka-Yoke for production process and unique quality control system;


Fast and efficient project developement, product manufacturing and assembly.

Group structure

AMP tech. center provides technical support for all sites, with experience in stamping field , it is capable of training "generalist", and also provides customers with professional advice and method.

AMP group members

1.  Shenzhen AMP Automobile Components&Parts Ltd.         - China local sales, supply chain,

                                                                                                        project development, stamping,

                                                                                                        product assembly.

2. Dongguan AMP Automobile Components&Parts Ltd.        - China local sales, supply chain,

                                                                                                        project development, stamping,

                                                                                                        product assembly.

3.  Suzhou AMP Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                  - Stamping, product assembly.

4.  Shenzhen Waystar Precision Metal Manufacturing Ltd.     - Technology innovation,

                                                                                                        tooling development

5.  Advanced Moulding Production Ltd.                                   - Export sales

6.  Shenzhen G&C Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taicang plant)              - Plating process