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Company Culture

     Company culture:

AMP's company culture is like a car:

1. Headlight is the spirit of company, AMP has infinitely bright future under illumination of

the direction "Make bit innovation every day".

2. Engine is the core value of company,  with power of "faith" and "respect" to achieve

value creation and win-win.

a. Good faith creates value - Faith is foundation of a company, a cornerstone of attracting

customer, partner and trust from publics.

b. Respect brings about win-win - The premise of win-win is respect the basis of "a

harmonious cooperation relationship", to realize a win situation between customer,

partner, employee and shareholders.

3. Car body is company vision, loading with the principle "People oriented ,Quality first,

Customer highest", always striving for best, trying to satisfy customer and providing better

working environment to employees.

4. Security system is company mission, operating with rules: Take customer demand as

planning coordinates, perfect quality as production target, best supplier as AMP goal to drive

AMP safely and steadily.

AMP Development Strategy: